Travel Writings

Los Angeles, April-May 2011:

"Jury Duty:  Murder Trial", [pdf 67KB]

Middle East, September-November 2001:

"The Middle East in Interesting Times", [ps 121 pp. 619KB] [pdf 121 pp. 522KB] [doc 99 pp. 369KB]

Romania, July 1999:

"Accident in Romania"

China, August-October 1998:

"Incidents of Travel in China and Tibet", (33 pp.) [ps 230K] [pdf 186K]

Brazil, September-November 1995:

"Brazil:  Into the Interior", (21 pp.) [ps 147K] [pdf 116K]

Albania, September 1992:

"Maybe the First American Tourist in Albania",  (24 pp.) [ps 190K] [pdf 148K]
(A shorter version of this was published in the Providence Journal, January 23, 1994.  The Washington Post bought and paid for but decided not to publish the shorter version because, they said, it was "too positive".  The Seattle Times accepted the story, but then rejected it when they learned the Washington Post insisted on publishing it first.)

Kandersteg, Switzerland, November 1989:

"A Secret Alpine Village", (4 pp.) [ps 64KB] [pdf 39KB]

Borneo, July 1988:

``Borneo Confidential"  (34 pp.) [ps 242KB] [pdf 197KB]

Bruges, Belgium, March 1988:

``A Michelangelo in Belgium?  The Bruges Madonna" (4 pp.) [ps 76KB] [pdf 47KB]
(A mangled version of this was published in Sphere, the Sabena Airlines in-flight magazine, March 1990.)

Matterhorn, August 1987:

``Climbing the Matterhorn" (6 pp.) [ps 42KB] [pdf 43KB]
(Published in Philadelphia Inquirer, May 15, 1988; Kansas City Star, May 15, 1988; Washington Post, June 26, 1988; San Jose Mercury News, August 14, 1988; Detroit News, March 12,1989.)

West Africa, July 1986:

``The Other Side of Africa, with Children"  (16 pp.) [ps 129KB] [pdf 98KB]

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