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Improving Simulation for Network Research
Sandeep Bajaj et al
USC/Information Sciences Institute


Sandeep Bajaj et al. Improving Simulation for Network Research. Technical Report 99-702b. University of Southern California Computer Science Department. [PDF] [alt PDF]


New protocols and algorithms are being developed to meet changing operational requirements in the Internet. Simulation is a vital tool to quickly and inexpensively explore the behavior of these new protocol across the range of topologies, cross-traffic, and interactions that might occur in the Internet. This paper describes ns, a widely used, multi-protocol network simulator designed to address the needs of networking researchers. Ns provides multiple levels of abstraction to permit simulations to span a wide-range of scales, emulation, where real-world packets can enter the simulator. We describe the ns architecture and examine the range of ways simulation and ns are used in networking research.

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