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Evaluating Anycast in the Domain Name System
John Heidemann
USC/Information Sciences Institute


John Heidemann. Evaluating Anycast in the Domain Name System. Presentation at DNS-OARC Meeting. [PDF] [alt PDF]


We have evaluated techniques to enumerate instances of DNS anycast, comparing the use of CHAOS records, traceroute, and a new proposal using IN TXT records. Enumeration allows a third party to evaluate the size of an anycast service, and in some cases to identify masqueraders operating on the same anycast address. \newline \indent We have evaluated our approaches on F-root, Packet Clearinghouse, and the AS112 anycast infrastructures to compare the completeness of our approaches. Joe Abley and L-Root has deployed an IN-based system to support these approaches, and we have also compared tehse results against their ground truth. \newline \indent We will describe our approach, and we invite feedback on its interation with large DNS operations. We also plan to discuss options that would support some control over enumeration by an anycast operator. \newline \indent A technical paper describing some of this work is at \url

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