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Provenance in Sensornet Republishing
Unkyu Park and John Heidemann


Unkyu Park and John Heidemann. Provenance in Sensornet Republishing. Technical Report ISI-TR-2008-650. USC/Information Sciences Institute. [PDF] [alt PDF]


Sensornets are being deployed and increasingly brought on-line to share data as it is collected. Sensornet \emphrepublishing is the process of transforming on-line sensor data and sharing the filtered, aggregated, or improved data with others. We explore the need for data provenance in this system to allow users to understand how processed results are derived and detect and correct anomalies. We describe our sensornet provenance system, exploring design alternatives and quantifying storage trade-offs in the context of a city-sized temperature monitoring application. In that application, our link approach outperforms other alternatives on saving storage requirement and our \emphincremental compression scheme save the storage further up to 83%.

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