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Jacoby is a series of card games I’ve written based on a Tcl/Tk card-game core. The idea was that all would share a common set of library routines. Unfortunately, they’ve currently diverged. Sometime I hope to unify them; until then, they’re still fun to play.

These games were developed under Unix, but they should run reasonably on PC and Mac versions of Tcl/Tk. I haven’t done the release engineering needed to make them easily installable on those platforms, but I’m happy to take suggestions.


Klondike is a solitaire game for X11. It’s strongly influenced by the user interface of Klondike for the Macintosh.

Features of klondike include:

The current rlease of Klondike (1.9) requires post-4.1 Tk or any older version of extended-Tcl/Tk.

Download klondike: source code (tar.gz, 53KB), RedHat package (rpm, 44KB), RedHat source package (src.rpm, 54KB), FreeBSD port (tar, 10KB). FreeBSD package (tar.gz, 38KB), Windows executable (contributed from Scriptics using their TclPro wrapper).


Dontspace is a solitaire game for X11. It’s modeled after the game ``Free Space’’ distributed with Microsoft Windows NT. Dontspace emphasizes a clean user interface and point-based scoring.

Download dontspace: source code (tar.gz, 49KB), RedHat package (rpm, 43KB), RedHat source package (src.rpm, 51KB), FreeBSD port (tar.gz, 1KB).

Thanks to Scriptics for providing the Windows .exe. I can’t imagine having to write my own klondike installer for Windows; their TclPro Wrapper lets me avoid that.

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