Magic Technology Files for MOSIS SCMOS

All of the Magic files have been moved to a new site:


  beta/examples/SCNA.80.PADS.2000 has been restored: version 0.4
  removes the 'zener diode' from in,out,io pads.  it includes a
  preliminary copy of version 2001a SCNA.80.tech27 techfile (which has
  not been fully tested and released yet).  note in particular that it
  uses new CIF names CM1/CV1/CM2 (rather than CMF/CVA/CMS) so pay very
  close attention to any 'layer name' discrepancies from Mosis when
  you submit your chip.  also, you must to this minimal verification
  before submitting your chip (as discussed in the README):

 put pin labels on top layer metal on top of the pads
 cif out
 cif in
 simulate, with respect to those labels

the above simple procedure catches most all problems with techfiles
and/or cell layouts!

  be sure to read:   beta/examples/SCNA.80.PADS.2000/README

here is the prior notice:

beta/examples/SCNA.80.PADS.2000 has been removed until 5/25:

(corrected description:)

NOTE: the SCNA.80.PADS.2000/ prior to 5/25/2001 contain defective
layouts (affecting the out and io pad cells) that create a zener diode
between an internal node and GND (which is not a problem for the input
direction for which enable=GND and disconnects the zener anyway).  but
in the output direction, when enable is VDD, this zener stops internal
node N+ from going high and thus cannot pull the output PAD to GND.

perhaps you could operate fabbed chips at a VDD below the zener
reverse breakdown voltage, else i believe you could salvage fabbed
parts with a "FIB-job" (Focussed Ion Beam) to cut the metal 1 box at

llx     lly     urx     ury
117     94      124     96

for more information, you may contact me at: sondeen _AT_ usc _DOT_ edu

i regret the error, however, it is my own error, and Mosis is not

to fix the layout defect, move the "psubstratepdiff" box at

llx     lly     urx     ury
147     76      151     88

4 lambdas to the right, or wait until 5/25 to download a new one.

(in the meantime, Mosis has a fixed version in,
however it uses CM1/CV1/... cif names rather than the old ones CMF/CVA/...
so you either have to text-edit the cif file or wait for new techfiles
due 5/25.

Please be sure to read:

Disclaimer Notice:

MOSIS Disclaimer Notice

SCMOS Magic Technology Files 

These pads and Magic tech files have NOT been validated by the MOSIS
System of USC/ISI.  They are offered as pre-release and beta-test.

Any use of these pads/techfiles by the user is done solely at the
user's risk.  Modified pads/techfiles are not to be referred to as
"MOSIS Pads/Techfiles" unless prior agreement is obtained from

Magic Techfiles Overview (README) (new features)
Change Log (information about defects and fixes)
Versions File

Beta-Test versions of the Magic SCMOS tech files are available, organized by 'techcode.lambda' (which are the values you specify for the 'TECH-CODE:' and 'LAMBDA:' fields in your submission).

These techfiles are for Magic version 6.5, but they can be edited to work for earlier versions of Magic.

This is a chart of the Magic technical files
This directory contains these new techfiles new/beta/current
For a gnu-zipped tar file of the entire directory:
Content description of the beta directory:
Several pad libraries are available:
     removed due to obsolescence:   SCN3M_SUBM.30.SCN05-PADS/
     removed due to obsolescence:     SCNA.60.PADS.2000/
     removed due to error, to be restored 5/5/2001:     SCNA.80.PADS.2000/

Some IRSIM prm files are available in They are named according to:
irsim [-s] prm_file {sim_file ..} [-cmd_file ..]

Directory of old Magic techfiles (SCMOS, SCMOS_TM, SCMOS_SUB) which shouldn't be used for newer technologies (0.50, 0.35, and smaller feature sizes), since these newer technologies didn't exist when those old techfiles were created.:

E-mail questions about magic techfiles to: sondeen_AT_usc_DOT_edu We would appreciate any feedback.