Information Sciences Institute

Networking and Cybersecurity Division

Ryan Goodfellow
Senior Computer Scientist
I specialize in the design and implementation of testbeds for networked and cyber-physical systems. Specific areas of interest include testbed architecture, system modeling, network and compute emulation, and physics simulation.


The Lighthouse Testbed



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By combining of bare-metal resources, node virtualization and network emulation with powerful constraint-based experiment modeling, the Lighthouse testbed allows performers in the DARPA Searchlight program to fine tune experiment realizations to achieve both scale and fidelity at the same time. From direct access to compute hardware and SDN capable interfaces to emulations of entire networks and a range of options in-between, experimenters can directly define the specific domains of validity for their experiments in multiple dimensions.

The RedStar Testbed



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RedStar is a flexible 208 server testbed cluster with single and dual socket mid-grade servers interconnected at 25 and 50 gbps by a non-blocking switching mesh. The testbed facility supports bare-metal and virtualized experimentation as well as network emulation with some specialized capabilities for cybersecurity carried over from the DeterLab testbed.

The Dispersed Computing Testbed


DCompTB is a network testbed facility that allows researchers to rapidly design, deploy and execute complex experimental networked systems. The testbed has over 1400 physical nodes. Experiments involving hundreds of nodes can be materialized in minutes. The compute and network platforms provided by the testbed are open source hardware, providing maximum flexibility as an experimental platform. All nodes are have remotely accessible UART consoles for low-level systems development. The testbed provides advanced network modeling and emulation capabilities, allowing researchers to deploy systems in high operational-fidelity environments. I designed and lead a small team to implement and operate this testbed facility.

The Steam Testbed


SteamTB is a testbed facility designed to evaluate the impact of novel optical switching technologies and node-integrated silicon photonics in their ability to increase data center energy efficiency by removing the network as a bottleneck to I/O intensive workloads. A distinguishing characteristic of this testbed facility is our use of time dilation to scale up experiments. The time dilation systems are implemented in QEMU/KVM and cover time-rate perception, inter-component I/O via bus bandwidth curtailment and virtual processor scheduling. I designed and implemented this testbed facility.

The Deter Testbed

Technical Advisor

DeterLab is a network testbed for cybersecurity research. Deter is an Emulab based testbed with a substantial research and educational user community. I spent many years as a core developer on the Deter team. I now play an advisory role and am working toward migrating Deter facilities to more modern Merge based systems.

Open Source Software

The Merge Testbed Platform


An open source platform for building network experiments and interconnected testbeds. Merge is the underlying platform that all of our testbed systems are built on. It provides the basis for building testbed facilities using modular reusable components. It also provides a centralized portal that interconnects testbeds into an integrated ecosystem, allowing experimenters to design experiments that span testbed facilities.


The DComp Testbed
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