Irish Potatoes (and Easter Eggs)

from the Touch Family Recipes


			    Irish Potatoes
			  (also Easter Eggs)
			      Joe Touch

These candies are a contemporary magazine recipe, with slight
modification (source not known). They're basically coconut cream
"Easter Eggs", but rolled in cinnamon rather than dipped in dark
chocolate. Served on St. Patty's Day, of course - every recipe in my
family has a day associated with it, and this is no exception. My
brother is particularly fond of them.

I hope you like them!


(a single batch fits nicely in a Kitchen-Aid mixer bowl; 
it makes 3 dinner-plate trays, one layer deep)

	2 lbs powdered sugar	("#10" powdered)

	1/4 lb butter		(1 stick - do NOT substitute margarine)

	8 oz cream cheese	(do NOT substitute fat-free or lowfat)

	1/2 teaspoon salt
	1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla

	1 lb coconut		(10-12 oz works fine - omit to make
	(shredded, sweetened)	'plain' butter cream candies)

	cinnamon 		(takes about ?? oz for one batch)

Blend powdered sugar, salt, butter, and cream cheese until smooth.
(dough-hook works nicely, also helps to melt the butter and
warm the cream cheese slightly). Add vanilla and blend. Add coconut
and stir in completely.

Chill mixture (several hours in refrigerator, covered - this step is
optional, but helps the 'ball making').

Roll into balls - do NOT round perfectly (imperfections make the
candy look more like potatoes). Roll in cinnamon **

** alternately, dip in dark chocolate to make 'easter eggs'.

Chill result (they will 'weep' into the cinnamon if too warm). 
Serve cool or room temperature.

Makes 4 lbs (!). I don't know if they freeze - with the cream 
cheese, I'd expect not very well.

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