About the AMR Checker
  Written by Ulf Hermjakob, May 25, 2013


The purpose of the AMR Checker is to support the annotator in building high-quality AMRs and to help assure consistency among different annotators by identifying possible errors and bringing annotation alternatives to the attention of the annotator. Some typical examples are:


isi_0002.210   Roosevelt announced his decision to run for reelection .

(a / announce-01
     :ARG0 (p / person
          :name "Rosevelt")
     :ARG1 (d / decide-01
          :ARG1 (r / run-02 N
               :ARG1 p
               :ARG1 (r3 / reelection))))
What does this mean?
  • Typo: Rosevelt. Should be: Roosevelt.
  • Forgot to annotate his. Add :ARG0 p under decide-01.
  • Name structure collapsed. Should be (p / person :name (n / name :op1 "Roosevelt")) instead of just (p / person :name "Roosevelt")
  • run-02 has two :ARG1s. First one should be :ARG0.
  • reelection should be verbalized as reelect-01 (with argument :ARG1 p).

Note: Mouse over English words or AMR elements to see automatically generated alignments.

False alarms

Many of the AMR Checker error messages and warnings are due to actual errors in the AMR, but some of the flagged AMRs are ok, particularly in the sentence coverage component where the checker tries to align English words to concepts, strings or roles of the AMR, but might not always have enough linguistic resources available to properly make such an alignment.

Typical examples of false alarms:

Here is an example of false alarms, the AMR Checker results applied to thoroughly edited consensus guideline AMRs.

Remember that the AMR Checker only makes suggestions, the annotator makes the final decision:

Easy way to make corrections

If the annotator has write permission for a workset (normally his/her own worksets), the AMR Checker will place an "Edit this AMR" button next to each AMR for convenient editing access to that AMR. After editing an AMR the AMR Checker page is not automatically regenerated, but the "Edit this AMR" button of the visited AMR will change to a darker blue to indicate that that AMR has previously been revisited.

AMR Checker location

The AMR Checker is available in the AMR Editor, where you will find a
button on the bottom left.