cause-01   (AMR annotation guidance)

cause-01 is used for explicit words such as cause/because/because of as well implicit cases such as in the first example below (cause of death).

Example:  "The old man died of lung cancer ."
     (d / die-01
           :ARG1 (m / man
                 :mod (o / old))
           :ARG1-of (c / cause-01
                 :ARG0 (d2 / disease :wiki "Lung_cancer"
                       :name (n / name :op1 "lung" :op2 "cancer"))))

Example:  "Cars ca n't move because of overflowing sewers ."
     (p / possible-01 :polarity -
           :ARG1 (m / move-01
                 :ARG1 (c / car))
           :ARG1-of (c2 / cause-01
                 :ARG0 (o / overflow-01
                       :ARG1 (s / sewer))))

The editor offers   :cause   as a shortcut for   :ARG1-of  cause-01 :ARG0.

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