:consist-of   (AMR annotation guidance)

The role :consist-of is used to describe what substance or which members something is made of:

Example:  "a ring of gold"
     (r / ring
           :consist-of (g / gold))

Example:  "I saw a cloud of dust ."
     (s / see-01
           :ARG0 (i / i)
           :ARG1 (c / cloud
                 :consist-of (d / dust)))

Similarly: a puddle of water, a loaf of bread

Example:  "A team of researchers made a discovery ."
     (d / discover-01
           :ARG0 (t / team
                 :consist-of (p / person
                       :ARG0-of (r / research-01))))

Similarly: a flock of birds, a convoy of trucks

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