contrast-01   (AMR annotation guidance)

Contrastive conjunctions such as but, while, whereas, prepositions such as in c​ontrast to and the adverbials such as however, on the other hand are rendered using the concept contrast-01:

Example:  I like classical music, but John likes jazz .
     (c / contrast-01
           :ARG1 (l / like-01
                 :ARG0 (i / i)
                 :ARG1 (m / music
                       :mod (c2 / classics)))
           :ARG2 (l2 / like-01
                 :ARG0 (p / person :wiki - :name (n / name :op1 "John"))
                 :ARG1 (j / jazz)))

The example above also captures the sentences

contrast-01 is symmetric, i.e. the arguments of contrast-01 can typically be swapped without changing the meaning:
I like classical music, whereas John likes jazz.   =   John likes jazz, whereas I like classical music.

Note that in some cases such as in ``It started to rain, but the game continued anyway.'' but signals a :concession rather than a contrast-01.

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