:domain   (AMR annotation guidance)

This role is used in constructions such as ... is <noun> and ... is <adjective>:

Example:  "My cousin is a lawyer."
     (l / lawyer
           :domain (p / person
                 :ARG0-of (h / have-rel-role-91
                       :ARG1 (i / i)
                       :ARG2 (c / cousin))))

Example:  "The girl is sad."
     (s / sad-02
           :ARG1 (g / girl))

If there is a specific frame for an adjective, such as for possible, use that frame and its :ARGx instead. The role :domain is also used under modal concepts such as likely:

Example:  "The boy is likely to go."
     (l / likely-01
           :ARG1 (g / go-02
                 :ARG0 (b / boy)))

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