Dupx is a simple *nix utility to redirect standard output/input/error of an already running process.


I've often found myself in a situation where a process I started on a remote system via SSH takes much longer than I had anticipated. I need to break the SSH connection, but if I do so, the process will die if it tries to write something on stdout/error of a broken pipe. I wish I could suspend the process with ^Z and then do a
    bg %1 >/tmp/stdout 2>/tmp/stderr 
Unfortunately this will not work (in shells I know).

Output redirection of a running process

If you're familiar with dup(2) *nix system call, you know that if you issue it from the process space to an open file, you can remap any file descriptor to a new file and all subsequent calls to read/write(2) will read/write from/to the file. Thus the simple idea behind dupx is to use gdb to attach to the process and then do a dup(2) call on its file descriptors.


Dupx is currently implemented as a simple shell script that drives GDB.


Dupx has been tested on Fedora systems.

Files and downloads

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