MACSS: MAC Protocols Specific for Sensor Networks

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Project Summary

MACSS (MAC Protocols Specific for Sensor Networks) is investigating Media Access Control (MAC) protocol design for sensor networks. Wireless networking protocols such as 802.11 ("Wi-Fi") are not directly applicable to multi-hop sensor networks because they require all nodes to listen at all times. This project will explore sensor-net-specific MAC protocol design, improving energy efficiency by allowing radios to sleep when not in use, coordinating the MAC protocol with the physical layer and sensors. We also plan to study how sensor net applications differ from Internet-style applications. For example, they may be even more bursty than Internet applications, sending virtually nothing until something is sensed, and then having a flurry of activity. Sensor networks also typically assume node collaboration, rather than competition. One result of the work will be public release of a software supporting these features.

MACSS is a project at USC/ISI funded by the NSF Information Technology Research (ITR) Program (Award No. ANI-0220026), the Intel Corporation, and Northrup Grumman Corporation.

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S-MAC has been implemented in both TinyOS on the Mote platform and in ns-2, the network simulator.

The S-MAC implementation in TinyOS reflects the latest protocol development, as described in our recent S-MAC paper in the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. To get more information and source code, click here.

The S-MAC implementation in ns-2 is done by Padma Haldar through the CONSER project. It is roughly equivalent to the protocol describe in our INFOCOM paper. To get S-MAC implementation in ns-2, go to this page. S-MAC is in ns-2.26 and later releases. The latest code is in ns-2 CVS.

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