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SCP-MAC is a new MAC protocol for wireless sensor networks, which enables ultra-low duty cycles. Existing MAC protocols, such as S-MAC and B-MAC normally operate at 1--10% duty cycles when there is no data traffic. SCP-MAC seeks to push the limit down to 0.1% and lower, and thus enables greater energy savings than existing protocols. For details of SCP-MAC design, please look the following paper. We implemented SCP-MAC in TinyOS over Mica2 motes. We release our code under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). In addition, are willing to dual-license it under other terms. You may contact Wei Ye or John Heidemann for details.

What's in the Software?

The released SCP-MAC software is a communication stack that includes MAC, physical layer (PHY), and system support components, such as timer, local system time, testing applications and debugging tools. Currently, the software only runs over Mica2 motes.

Download Source Code

Please refer to our usage guide for how to use SCP-MAC.


S-MAC: our prior work
I-LENSE: ISI Laboratory for Embedded Networked Sensor Experimentation
CENS: Center for Embedded Networked Sensing
MACSS: MAC Protocols Specific for Sensor Networks

Introduction   Implementation   Download   Guide   FAQ   Links

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