find-method [Macro]


The find-method function, a robust variant of get-method, searches for the method having a specified name or title.


find-method actionOrTitle &optional title &rest no-error-p


The actionOrTitle argument is either an action, the name of an action, or a string which titles a method.

The title argument is a string which titles a method.

If the no-error-p argument is t, then no error is generated if Loom cannot find a method having the specified name or title.


The find-method macro returns the method with the specified name and/or title. If there is none, nil is returned if no-error-p is set, and otherwise an error is generated.


If an action is supplied as the actionOrTitle argument of find-method, then a title argument must also be supplied. If actionOrTitle is a title, then find-method searches for any method at all having a matching title.

The find- functions tend to be more flexible, slower, and do more error-checking than the get- functions. In particular, find-method is much slower than get-method.


(find-method 'move "move box") ==> |METHOD|MOVE-"move box" 
(find-method "open box" :no-error-p t) ==> |METHOD|OPEN-"open box"

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Last modified: Jun 1 1995