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Re: Red Hat 5.1 build problems solved (was RE: RH5.1 Tcl build proble ms?)

On Tue, 23 Jun 1998 11:47:44 PDT, Rodney Van Meter wrote: 
>Okay, I have solved the build problem(s) under RH5.1.  Here are some rough
>notes (mostly from memory since I left the details on my machine at home),
>hopefully enough to help.  I intend to try this from scratch again at some
>point to make sure I've got everything.


>	I'll try to try this again from scratch sometime soon and write this
>up a little more carefully.  Meantime, summary:
>	* start from 2.1b2 ns-allinone
>	* replace TclCL with its current daily snapshot
>	* replace ns with its current daily snapshot
>	If that doesn't completely solve the problems,
>	* create .configure with --enable-devel and --enable-debug
>	* edit install to configure nam with --disable-load
>	Seems to me it's time for a new ns-allinone, if ns and TclCL are
>stable enough...

Thanks for the build suggestions, Rod.

We hope to do a new ns release shortly (< 1 month, although it's
already slipped some), with an allinone release to follow.

   -John Heidemann