37.7.2 Adaptive Timers

Agents using adaptive timer mechanisms modify their request and repair parameters under three conditions (1) every time a new loss object is created; (2) when sending a message; and (3) when they receive a duplicate, if their relative distance to the loss is less than that of the agent that sends the duplicate. All three changes require extensions to the agent and the loss objects. The Agent/SRM/Adaptive../ns-2/srm-adaptive.tcl uses SRM/request/Adaptive../ns-2/srm-adaptive.tcl and SRM/repair/Adaptive../ns-2/srm-adaptive.tcl as the request and repair functions respectively. In addition, the last item requires extending the packet headers, to advertise their distances to the loss. The corresponding compiled class for the agent is the ASRMAgent../ns-2/srm.h.


Tom Henderson 2011-11-05