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EWdetectorB Class Reference

#include <ew.h>

Inheritance diagram for EWdetectorB:

EWdetector List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 EWdetectorB ()
virtual ~EWdetectorB ()
void init (int)
int exFlow (Packet *)

Private Member Functions

void measure (Packet *)
void updateCur ()
void updateAvg ()
void detect ()
void updateAList (Packet *)
AListEntrygetMaxAList ()
void sortAList ()
void timeoutAList ()
AListEntrysearchAList (int, int, int)
AListEntrynewAListEntry (int, int, int)
int getMedianAList (int, int)
int getRateAList (int)
void resetAList ()
void printAListEntry (struct AListEntry *, int)
void printAList ()
int computeARR ()
void computeDropP ()
void decSInv ()
void incSInv ()
void trace ()
void updateSWin (int)
void ravgSWin ()
void resetSWin ()
void printSWin ()
void printSWinEntry (struct SWinEntry *, int)

Private Attributes

float adjustor
float drop_p
int arr_count
AList alist
SWin swin

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


EWdetectorB::~EWdetectorB   [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

int EWdetectorB::computeARR   [private]

void EWdetectorB::computeDropP   [private]

void EWdetectorB::decSInv   [private]

void EWdetectorB::detect   [private, virtual]

Implements EWdetector.

int EWdetectorB::exFlow Packet  

struct AListEntry * EWdetectorB::getMaxAList   [private]

int EWdetectorB::getMedianAList int   ,

int EWdetectorB::getRateAList int    [private]

void EWdetectorB::incSInv   [private]

void EWdetectorB::init int   

void EWdetectorB::measure Packet   [private, virtual]

Implements EWdetector.

struct AListEntry * EWdetectorB::newAListEntry int   ,
int   ,

void EWdetectorB::printAList   [private]

void EWdetectorB::printAListEntry struct AListEntry  ,

void EWdetectorB::printSWin   [private]

void EWdetectorB::printSWinEntry struct SWinEntry  ,

void EWdetectorB::ravgSWin   [private]

void EWdetectorB::resetAList   [private]

void EWdetectorB::resetSWin   [private]

struct AListEntry * EWdetectorB::searchAList int   ,
int   ,

void EWdetectorB::sortAList   [private]

void EWdetectorB::timeoutAList   [private]

void EWdetectorB::trace   [private, virtual]

Implements EWdetector.

void EWdetectorB::updateAList Packet   [private]

void EWdetectorB::updateAvg   [private]

Reimplemented from EWdetector.

void EWdetectorB::updateCur   [private, virtual]

Implements EWdetector.

void EWdetectorB::updateSWin int    [private]

Member Data Documentation

float EWdetectorB::adjustor [private]

struct AList EWdetectorB::alist [private]

int EWdetectorB::arr_count [private]

float EWdetectorB::drop_p [private]

struct SWin EWdetectorB::swin [private]

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