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FullTcpAgent Class Reference

#include <tcp-full.h>

Inheritance diagram for FullTcpAgent:

TcpAgent Agent Connector NsObject TclObject Handler NewRenoFullTcpAgent SackFullTcpAgent TahoeFullTcpAgent List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 FullTcpAgent ()
 ~FullTcpAgent ()
virtual void recv (Packet *pkt, Handler *)
virtual void timeout (int tno)
virtual void close ()
void advanceby (int)
void advance_bytes (int)
virtual void sendmsg (int nbytes, const char *flags=0)
virtual int & size ()
virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void delay_bind_init_all ()
virtual int delay_bind_dispatch (const char *varName, const char *localName, TclObject *tracer)
int headersize ()
int outflags ()
int rcvseqinit (int, int)
int predict_ok (Packet *)
int idle_restart ()
int fast_retransmit (int)
double now ()
virtual void newstate (int ns)
void bufferempty ()
void finish ()
void reset_rtx_timer (int)
virtual void timeout_action ()
virtual void dupack_action ()
virtual void pack_action (Packet *)
virtual void ack_action (Packet *)
virtual void reset ()
virtual void send_much (int force, int reason, int maxburst=0)
virtual int build_options (hdr_tcp *)
virtual int reass (Packet *)
virtual void process_sack (hdr_tcp *)
virtual int send_allowed (int)
virtual int nxt_tseq ()
virtual void sent (int seq, int amt)
virtual void oldack ()
virtual void extra_ack ()
void sendpacket (int seq, int ack, int flags, int dlen, int why)
void connect ()
void listen ()
void usrclosed ()
int need_send ()
int foutput (int seqno, int reason=0)
void newack (Packet *pkt)
int pack (Packet *pkt)
void dooptions (Packet *)
void cancel_timers ()
void prpkt (Packet *)
char * flagstr (int)
char * statestr (int)
void set_initial_window ()

Protected Attributes

int closed_
int ts_option_size_
int pipe_
int pipectrl_
int rtxbytes_
int open_cwnd_on_pack_
int segs_per_ack_
int spa_thresh_
int nodelay_
int fastrecov_
int deflate_on_pack_
int data_on_syn_
double last_send_time_
int close_on_empty_
int signal_on_empty_
int reno_fastrecov_
int infinite_send_
int tcprexmtthresh_
int iss_
int irs_
int dupseg_fix_
int dupack_reset_
int halfclose_
int nopredict_
int dsack_
double delack_interval_
DelAckTimer delack_timer_
int maxseg_
int flags_
int state_
int ect_
int recent_ce_
int last_state_
int rcv_nxt_
ReassemblyQueue rq_
int last_ack_sent_
double recent_
double recent_age_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FullTcpAgent::FullTcpAgent   [inline]

FullTcpAgent::~FullTcpAgent   [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void FullTcpAgent::ack_action Packet   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in NewRenoFullTcpAgent, and SackFullTcpAgent.

void FullTcpAgent::advance_bytes int   

void FullTcpAgent::advanceby int    [virtual]

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

void FullTcpAgent::bufferempty   [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::build_options hdr_tcp   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in SackFullTcpAgent.

void FullTcpAgent::cancel_timers   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

virtual void FullTcpAgent::close   [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from Agent.

int FullTcpAgent::command int    argc,
const char *const *    argv

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

void FullTcpAgent::connect   [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::delay_bind_dispatch const char *    varName,
const char *    localName,
TclObject   tracer
[protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

Reimplemented in SackFullTcpAgent.

void FullTcpAgent::delay_bind_init_all   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

Reimplemented in SackFullTcpAgent.

void FullTcpAgent::dooptions Packet   [protected]

void FullTcpAgent::dupack_action   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

Reimplemented in TahoeFullTcpAgent, and SackFullTcpAgent.

virtual void FullTcpAgent::extra_ack   [inline, protected, virtual]

int FullTcpAgent::fast_retransmit int    [protected]

void FullTcpAgent::finish   [protected]

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

char * FullTcpAgent::flagstr int    [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::foutput int    seqno,
int    reason = 0

int FullTcpAgent::headersize   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

int FullTcpAgent::idle_restart   [protected]

void FullTcpAgent::listen   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from Agent.

int FullTcpAgent::need_send   [protected]

void FullTcpAgent::newack Packet   pkt [protected]

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

void FullTcpAgent::newstate int    ns [protected, virtual]

double FullTcpAgent::now   [inline, protected]

virtual int FullTcpAgent::nxt_tseq   [inline, protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in SackFullTcpAgent.

virtual void FullTcpAgent::oldack   [inline, protected, virtual]

int FullTcpAgent::outflags   [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::pack Packet   pkt [protected]

void FullTcpAgent::pack_action Packet   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in NewRenoFullTcpAgent, and SackFullTcpAgent.

int FullTcpAgent::predict_ok Packet   [protected]

void FullTcpAgent::process_sack hdr_tcp   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in SackFullTcpAgent.

void FullTcpAgent::prpkt Packet   [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::rcvseqinit int   ,

int FullTcpAgent::reass Packet   [protected, virtual]

void FullTcpAgent::recv Packet   pkt,

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

void FullTcpAgent::reset   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

Reimplemented in SackFullTcpAgent.

void FullTcpAgent::reset_rtx_timer int    [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::send_allowed int    [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in SackFullTcpAgent.

void FullTcpAgent::send_much int    force,
int    reason,
int    maxburst = 0
[protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

void FullTcpAgent::sendmsg int    nbytes,
const char *    flags = 0

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

void FullTcpAgent::sendpacket int    seq,
int    ack,
int    flags,
int    dlen,
int    why

Reimplemented in SackFullTcpAgent.

virtual void FullTcpAgent::sent int    seq,
int    amt
[inline, protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in SackFullTcpAgent.

void FullTcpAgent::set_initial_window   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

virtual int& FullTcpAgent::size   [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from Agent.

char * FullTcpAgent::statestr int    [protected]

void FullTcpAgent::timeout int    tno [virtual]

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

void FullTcpAgent::timeout_action   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in SackFullTcpAgent.

void FullTcpAgent::usrclosed   [protected]

Member Data Documentation

int FullTcpAgent::close_on_empty_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::closed_ [protected]

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

int FullTcpAgent::data_on_syn_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::deflate_on_pack_ [protected]

double FullTcpAgent::delack_interval_ [protected]

DelAckTimer FullTcpAgent::delack_timer_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::dsack_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::dupack_reset_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::dupseg_fix_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::ect_ [protected]

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

int FullTcpAgent::fastrecov_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::flags_ [protected]

Reimplemented from Agent.

int FullTcpAgent::halfclose_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::infinite_send_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::irs_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::iss_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::last_ack_sent_ [protected]

double FullTcpAgent::last_send_time_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::last_state_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::maxseg_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::nodelay_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::nopredict_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::open_cwnd_on_pack_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::pipe_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::pipectrl_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::rcv_nxt_ [protected]

double FullTcpAgent::recent_ [protected]

double FullTcpAgent::recent_age_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::recent_ce_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::reno_fastrecov_ [protected]

ReassemblyQueue FullTcpAgent::rq_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::rtxbytes_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::segs_per_ack_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::signal_on_empty_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::spa_thresh_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::state_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::tcprexmtthresh_ [protected]

int FullTcpAgent::ts_option_size_ [protected]

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

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