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JoBS Class Reference

#include <jobs.h>

Inheritance diagram for JoBS:

Queue< T > Connector NsObject TclObject Handler List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 JoBS ()
virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
void enque (Packet *)
Packetdeque ()

Public Attributes

int link_id_

Protected Attributes

long total_backlog_Pkts_
long total_backlog_Bits_
double mean_pkt_size_
int drop_front_
int trace_hop_
int adc_resolution_type_
int shared_buffer_
char * file_name_
int sampling_period_
PacketQueuecls_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
int concerned_RDC_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
int concerned_RLC_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
int concerned_ADC_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
int concerned_ALC_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
int concerned_ARC_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double RDC_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double RLC_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double ADC_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double ALC_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double ARC_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double loss_prod_others_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double prod_others_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double service_rate_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double current_loss_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double Rin_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double Rout_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double Rout_th_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double Arrival_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double last_rate_update_ [NO_CLASSES+1]

Private Member Functions

void updateError ()
double projDelay (int)
doubleassignRateDropsADC ()
doubleadjustRatesRDC ()
int minRatesNeeded (int)
void arvAccounting (Packet *)
int pickDroppedRLC (int)
void dropTail (int, int)
void dropFront (int, int)
int enforceWC ()
void updateStats (Packet *, int)

Private Attributes

int idle_
double idletime_
int pkt_count_
double min_share_
double last_arrival_
double sliding_inter_
double sliding_avg_pkt_size_
double sliding_arv_pkts_
double sliding_arv_pkts_c [NO_CLASSES+1]
double sliding_serviced_pkts_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double sliding_serviced_bits_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double sliding_class_service_rate_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double sliding_class_delay_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double last_xmit_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
long backlog_Bits_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
long backlog_Pkts_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double error_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double min_rate_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double min_drop_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double max_drop_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double Rout_last_up_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double avg_elapsed_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double excess_drops_ [NO_CLASSES+1]
double util_
double Kp_static_
double Kp_dynamic_
int ABS_present_
double monitoring_window_
double last_monitor_update_
FILE * hop_trace_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Function Documentation

double * JoBS::adjustRatesRDC   [private]

void JoBS::arvAccounting Packet   [private]

double * JoBS::assignRateDropsADC   [private]

int JoBS::command int    argc,
const char *const *    argv

Reimplemented from Connector.

Packet * JoBS::deque   [virtual]

Implements Queue< T >.

void JoBS::dropFront int   ,

void JoBS::dropTail int   ,

int JoBS::enforceWC   [private]

void JoBS::enque Packet   [virtual]

Implements Queue< T >.

int JoBS::minRatesNeeded int    [private]

int JoBS::pickDroppedRLC int    [private]

double JoBS::projDelay int    [private]

void JoBS::updateError   [private]

void JoBS::updateStats Packet  ,

Member Data Documentation

int JoBS::ABS_present_ [private]

double JoBS::ADC_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

int JoBS::adc_resolution_type_ [protected]

double JoBS::ALC_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

double JoBS::ARC_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

double JoBS::Arrival_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

double JoBS::avg_elapsed_[NO_CLASSES+1] [private]

long JoBS::backlog_Bits_[NO_CLASSES+1] [private]

long JoBS::backlog_Pkts_[NO_CLASSES+1] [private]

PacketQueue* JoBS::cls_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

int JoBS::concerned_ADC_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

int JoBS::concerned_ALC_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

int JoBS::concerned_ARC_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

int JoBS::concerned_RDC_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

int JoBS::concerned_RLC_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

double JoBS::current_loss_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

int JoBS::drop_front_ [protected]

double JoBS::error_[NO_CLASSES+1] [private]

double JoBS::excess_drops_[NO_CLASSES+1] [private]

char* JoBS::file_name_ [protected]

FILE* JoBS::hop_trace_ [private]

int JoBS::idle_ [private]

double JoBS::idletime_ [private]

double JoBS::Kp_dynamic_ [private]

double JoBS::Kp_static_ [private]

double JoBS::last_arrival_ [private]

double JoBS::last_monitor_update_ [private]

double JoBS::last_rate_update_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

double JoBS::last_xmit_[NO_CLASSES+1] [private]

LinkDelay* JoBS::link_ [protected]

int JoBS::link_id_

double JoBS::loss_prod_others_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

double JoBS::max_drop_[NO_CLASSES+1] [private]

double JoBS::mean_pkt_size_ [protected]

double JoBS::min_drop_[NO_CLASSES+1] [private]

double JoBS::min_rate_[NO_CLASSES+1] [private]

double JoBS::min_share_ [private]

double JoBS::monitoring_window_ [private]

int JoBS::pkt_count_ [private]

double JoBS::prod_others_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

double JoBS::RDC_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

double JoBS::Rin_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

double JoBS::RLC_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

double JoBS::Rout_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

double JoBS::Rout_last_up_[NO_CLASSES+1] [private]

double JoBS::Rout_th_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

int JoBS::sampling_period_ [protected]

double JoBS::service_rate_[NO_CLASSES+1] [protected]

int JoBS::shared_buffer_ [protected]

double JoBS::sliding_arv_pkts_ [private]

double JoBS::sliding_arv_pkts_c[NO_CLASSES+1] [private]

double JoBS::sliding_avg_pkt_size_ [private]

double JoBS::sliding_class_delay_[NO_CLASSES+1] [private]

double JoBS::sliding_class_service_rate_[NO_CLASSES+1] [private]

double JoBS::sliding_inter_ [private]

double JoBS::sliding_serviced_bits_[NO_CLASSES+1] [private]

double JoBS::sliding_serviced_pkts_[NO_CLASSES+1] [private]

long JoBS::total_backlog_Bits_ [protected]

long JoBS::total_backlog_Pkts_ [protected]

int JoBS::trace_hop_ [protected]

double JoBS::util_ [private]

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