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LDPAgent Class Reference

#include <ldp.h>

Inheritance diagram for LDPAgent:

Agent Connector NsObject TclObject Handler List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 LDPAgent ()
virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
virtual void recv (Packet *, Handler *)
virtual void delay_bind_init_all ()
virtual int delay_bind_dispatch (const char *, const char *, TclObject *)
int peer () const
void turn_on_trace ()
void PKTinit (hdr_ldp *hdrldp, int msgtype, const char *pathvec, const char *er)
int PKTsize (const char *pathvec, const char *er)
int MSGTinsert (int MsgID, int FEC, int LspID, int Src, int PMsgID)
void MSGTdelete (int entrynb)
int MSGTlocate (int MsgID)
int MSGTlocate (int FEC, int LspID, int Src)
void MSGTlookup (int entrynb, int &MsgID, int &FEC, int &LspID, int &src, int &PMsgID, int &LabelOp)
void MSGTdump ()

Protected Member Functions

void trace (ns_addr_t src, hdr_ldp *hdrldp)
char * parse_msgtype (int msgtype, int lspid)
char * parse_status (int status)

Protected Attributes

int new_msgid_
int trace_ldp_
int peer_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Function Documentation

int LDPAgent::command int    argc,
const char *const *    argv

Reimplemented from Agent.

int LDPAgent::delay_bind_dispatch const char *   ,
const char *   ,

Reimplemented from Agent.

void LDPAgent::delay_bind_init_all   [virtual]

Reimplemented from Agent.

void LDPAgent::MSGTdelete int    entrynb

void LDPAgent::MSGTdump  

int LDPAgent::MSGTinsert int    MsgID,
int    FEC,
int    LspID,
int    Src,
int    PMsgID

int LDPAgent::MSGTlocate int    FEC,
int    LspID,
int    Src

int LDPAgent::MSGTlocate int    MsgID

void LDPAgent::MSGTlookup int    entrynb,
int &    MsgID,
int &    FEC,
int &    LspID,
int &    src,
int &    PMsgID,
int &    LabelOp

char * LDPAgent::parse_msgtype int    msgtype,
int    lspid

char * LDPAgent::parse_status int    status [protected]

int LDPAgent::peer   const [inline]

void LDPAgent::PKTinit hdr_ldp   hdrldp,
int    msgtype,
const char *    pathvec,
const char *    er

int LDPAgent::PKTsize const char *    pathvec,
const char *    er

void LDPAgent::recv Packet  ,

Reimplemented from Agent.

void LDPAgent::trace ns_addr_t    src,
hdr_ldp   hdrldp

void LDPAgent::turn_on_trace   [inline]

Member Data Documentation

MsgT LDPAgent::MSGT_ [protected]

int LDPAgent::new_msgid_ [protected]

int LDPAgent::peer_ [protected]

int LDPAgent::trace_ldp_ [protected]

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