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RapAgent Class Reference

#include <rap.h>

Inheritance diagram for RapAgent:

Agent Connector NsObject TclObject Handler List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 RapAgent ()
 ~RapAgent ()
void recv (Packet *, Handler *)
void timeout (int type)
int GetSeqno ()
double GetTimeout ()
int GetDebugFlag ()
FILE * GetLogfile ()
void IncrementLossCount ()
void start ()
void stop ()
void listen ()
void advanceby (int delta)
void finish ()
double srtt ()
double ipg ()
int anyack ()
int is_stopped ()
int counting_pkt ()
void FixIpg (double fipg)

Protected Member Functions

virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
void IpgTimeout ()
void RttTimeout ()
void IncreaseIpg ()
void DecreaseIpg ()
void UpdateTimeValues (double sampleRtt)
int LossDetection (RapLossType type, hdr_rap *ackHeader=NULL)
void LossHandler ()
void SendPacket (int nbytes, AppData *data=0)
void RecvAck (hdr_rap *ackHeader)
void UpdateLastHole (int seqNum)
void SendAck (int seqNum)

Protected Attributes

IpgTimer ipgTimer_
RttTimer rttTimer_
List transmissionHistory_
TracedInt seqno_
TracedInt sessionLossCount_
TracedInt curseq_
TracedDouble ipg_
double beta_
double alpha_
TracedDouble srtt_
double variance_
double delta_
double mu_
double phi_
double overhead_
int useFineGrain_
double frtt_
double xrtt_
double kxrtt_
double kfrtt_
TracedDouble timeout_
double startTime_
double stopTime_
int debugEnable_
FILE * logfile_
int lastRecv_
int lastMiss_
int prevRecv_
int rap_base_hdr_size_
int dctr_
int dpthresh_
int flags_
double fixIpg_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation



Member Function Documentation

void RapAgent::advanceby int    delta

int RapAgent::anyack   [inline]

int RapAgent::command int    argc,
const char *const *    argv
[protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from Agent.

int RapAgent::counting_pkt   [inline]

void RapAgent::DecreaseIpg   [inline, protected]

void RapAgent::finish  

void RapAgent::FixIpg double    fipg [inline]

int RapAgent::GetDebugFlag   [inline]

FILE* RapAgent::GetLogfile   [inline]

int RapAgent::GetSeqno   [inline]

double RapAgent::GetTimeout   [inline]

void RapAgent::IncreaseIpg   [inline, protected]

void RapAgent::IncrementLossCount   [inline]

double RapAgent::ipg   [inline]

void RapAgent::IpgTimeout   [protected]

int RapAgent::is_stopped   [inline]

void RapAgent::listen   [virtual]

Reimplemented from Agent.

int RapAgent::LossDetection RapLossType    type,
hdr_rap   ackHeader = NULL

void RapAgent::LossHandler   [protected]

void RapAgent::recv Packet  ,

Reimplemented from Agent.

void RapAgent::RecvAck hdr_rap   ackHeader [protected]

void RapAgent::RttTimeout   [protected]

void RapAgent::SendAck int    seqNum [protected]

void RapAgent::SendPacket int    nbytes,
AppData   data = 0

double RapAgent::srtt   [inline]

void RapAgent::start  

void RapAgent::stop  

void RapAgent::timeout int    type [virtual]

Reimplemented from Agent.

void RapAgent::UpdateLastHole int    seqNum [protected]

void RapAgent::UpdateTimeValues double    sampleRtt [protected]

Member Data Documentation

double RapAgent::alpha_ [protected]

double RapAgent::beta_ [protected]

TracedInt RapAgent::curseq_ [protected]

int RapAgent::dctr_ [protected]

int RapAgent::debugEnable_ [protected]

double RapAgent::delta_ [protected]

int RapAgent::dpthresh_ [protected]

double RapAgent::fixIpg_ [protected]

int RapAgent::flags_ [protected]

Reimplemented from Agent.

double RapAgent::frtt_ [protected]

TracedDouble RapAgent::ipg_ [protected]

IpgTimer RapAgent::ipgTimer_ [protected]

double RapAgent::kfrtt_ [protected]

double RapAgent::kxrtt_ [protected]

int RapAgent::lastMiss_ [protected]

int RapAgent::lastRecv_ [protected]

FILE* RapAgent::logfile_ [protected]

double RapAgent::mu_ [protected]

double RapAgent::overhead_ [protected]

double RapAgent::phi_ [protected]

int RapAgent::prevRecv_ [protected]

int RapAgent::rap_base_hdr_size_ [protected]

RttTimer RapAgent::rttTimer_ [protected]

TracedInt RapAgent::seqno_ [protected]

TracedInt RapAgent::sessionLossCount_ [protected]

TracedDouble RapAgent::srtt_ [protected]

double RapAgent::startTime_ [protected]

double RapAgent::stopTime_ [protected]

TracedDouble RapAgent::timeout_ [protected]

List RapAgent::transmissionHistory_ [protected]

int RapAgent::useFineGrain_ [protected]

double RapAgent::variance_ [protected]

double RapAgent::xrtt_ [protected]

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