The X-Bone


What is the X-Bone?

The X-Bone dynamically deploys and manages Internet overlays to reduce configuration effort and increase network component sharing. The X-Bone discovers, configures, and monitors network resources to create overlays over existing IP networks. Overlays are useful for deploying overlapping virtual networks on shared infrastructure and for simplifying topology.

multiple overlays

The X-Bone extends current overlay management by adding dynamic resource discovery, deployment, and monitoring, and allows network components (hosts, routers) to participate simultaneously in multiple overlays.

The X-Bone's two-layer IP in IP tunneled overlays support existing applications and unmodified routing, multicast, and DNS services in unmodified host operating systems. This two-layer scheme uniquely supports node revisitation and recursive overlays, which is critical for fault tolerance and dynamic relocation.

discovery process

The X-Bone uses multicast to simplify resource discovery, and provides secure deployment as well as secure overlays.

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