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Defense Systems
Quantum computing center upgrades to focus on AI
August 12, 2016

Quantum Computers Don't Make Sense. But This One Makes Music

July 30, 2016

APS Physics
Synopsis: Making Hard Problems for Quantum Computers
July 14, 2016

ASCR Discovery
Quantum Contest
June 2016

USC News
Quantum Computing Center at USC in line for a big upgrade
November 20, 2015

The Register
Boffins make noise about D-Wave chip: it seems Quantum
April 3, 2014

IEEE Spectrum
Quantum Computing Experiment Adds "Control Knob" for D-Wave Machine
March 31, 2014

New York Times
Quantum Computing Research may back controversial company
March 24, 2014

Controversial quantum computer aces entanglement tests 
March 8, 2013

Australian National Radio: The Science Show
Daniel Lidar Talks Quantum Computing with host Robyn Williams 
July 28, 2012

KPFK radio
Daniel Lidar Talks Quantum Computing with KPFK

March 31, 2012

Wall Street Journal
A Quantum Leap for a Big, Cold Computer

October 31, 2011

USC News
A Quantum Leap in Computing

January 6, 2012

Information Sciences Institute News
Operational Quantum Computing Center Established at USC

December 29, 2011