The University of Southern California Quantum Computing Center (QCC) is housed at USC’s Information Sciences Institute, one of the world’s leading computer science and engineering research entities. Faculty, researchers and students are performing basic and applied research into noisy, intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) computing devices, and are collaborating with researchers around the world. QCC was the first organization outside of D-Wave to house and operate its own system, and it has conducted pioneering research on four different generations of these early NISQ processors.

Quantum computing potentially offers orders-of-magnitude gains in speed and memory, as well as greater security, for some computing problems. Applications include “big data” analysis, classification, optimization and machine learning, which in turn could support breakthroughs in aerospace, medical imaging, robotics, finance, web search, bioinformatics and other disciplines.

Please also visit the Quantum Information Sciences website for further information about our research.