SNUSE: Sensor Networks for Undersea Seismic Experimentation

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Project Summary

Sensor networks---collections of small, intelligent, communicating devices that are deployed in the physical world and sense their surroundings---are just now being fielded, addressing problems in domains from science, government, military, and industry. A great deal of activity today considers radio-based sensor network design, from hardware, networking, sensing, programming, to applications. Compared to land-based sensors, undersea use of sensors has been quite limited, focused primarily on large, fixed, and wired devices.

This prject investigates the development of undersea sensor networks. The research is grounded in the application of seismic monitoring in the context of oil field exploitation. This application motivates three research directions:

Although we propose to explore these research goals in the context of undersea sensors and this specific application, we believe the work will be applicable to other undersea applications, and aspects of the work (ultra-low duty cycle operation) will be applicable to RF-based terrestrial sensor networks.

SNUSE is a project at USC/ISI funded by the NSF NeTS-NOSS-0435517, ``Sensor Networks for Undersea Seismic Experimentation'', and related work is funded by Chevron-Texaco via USC CiSoft.


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Publications and Presentations

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