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Re: NS doesn't write CBR and rtProtoDV events in the same simulation

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Polly Huang wrote:

> Thanks to Guo Liang, Cheng Tak Cheung, and Lloyd Wood for this thread of
> conversation.

Hey, *I* didn't do anything.

What are you trying to do, convince me that grumbling Really Works?

> There's in fact a test on DV in the test-suite-greis.tcl, but somehow the
> output isn't correct (containing only the routing msg exchanges).  This
> has also been fixed.

I really think the tests need to be extended to test networks which
are only partially DV/partially multipath etc. where the functionality
is installed on a per-node basis. They don't do that at present, as
Liang keeps pointing out.