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rtProtoLS Class Reference

#include <rtProtoLS.h>

Inheritance diagram for rtProtoLS:

Agent LsNode Connector NsObject TclObject Handler List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 rtProtoLS ()
int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
void sendpkt (ns_addr_t dst, u_int32_t z, u_int32_t mtvar)
void recv (Packet *p, Handler *)
bool sendMessage (int destId, u_int32_t messageId, int size)
void receiveMessage (int sender, u_int32_t msgId)
int getNodeId ()
LsLinkStateListgetLinkStateListPtr ()
LsNodeIdListgetPeerIdListPtr ()
LsDelayMapgetDelayMapPtr ()
void installRoutes ()

Protected Member Functions

void initialize ()
void setDelay (int nbrId, double delay)
void sendBufferedMessages ()
void computeRoutes ()
void intfChanged ()
void sendUpdates ()
void lookup (int destinationNodeId)

Private Types

typedef LsMap< int, ns_addr_tPeerAddrMap

Private Member Functions

int findPeerNodeId (ns_addr_t agentAddr)

Private Attributes

PeerAddrMap peerAddrMap_
int nodeId_
int LS_ready_
LsLinkStateList linkStateList_
LsNodeIdList peerIdList_
LsDelayMap delayMap_
LsRouting routing_

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef LsMap<int, ns_addr_t> rtProtoLS::PeerAddrMap [private]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

rtProtoLS::rtProtoLS   [inline]

Member Function Documentation

int rtProtoLS::command int    argc,
const char *const *    argv

Reimplemented from Agent.

void rtProtoLS::computeRoutes   [inline, protected]

int rtProtoLS::findPeerNodeId ns_addr_t    agentAddr [private]

LsDelayMap* rtProtoLS::getDelayMapPtr   [inline, virtual]

Implements LsNode.

LsLinkStateList* rtProtoLS::getLinkStateListPtr   [inline, virtual]

Implements LsNode.

int rtProtoLS::getNodeId   [inline, virtual]

Implements LsNode.

LsNodeIdList* rtProtoLS::getPeerIdListPtr   [inline, virtual]

Implements LsNode.

void rtProtoLS::initialize   [protected]

void rtProtoLS::installRoutes   [inline]

void rtProtoLS::intfChanged   [protected]

void rtProtoLS::lookup int    destinationNodeId [protected]

void rtProtoLS::receiveMessage int    sender,
u_int32_t    msgId

Implements LsNode.

void rtProtoLS::recv Packet   p,

Reimplemented from Agent.

void rtProtoLS::sendBufferedMessages   [inline, protected]

bool rtProtoLS::sendMessage int    destId,
u_int32_t    messageId,
int    size

Implements LsNode.

void rtProtoLS::sendpkt ns_addr_t    dst,
u_int32_t    z,
u_int32_t    mtvar

void rtProtoLS::sendUpdates   [inline, protected]

void rtProtoLS::setDelay int    nbrId,
double    delay
[inline, protected]

Member Data Documentation

LsDelayMap rtProtoLS::delayMap_ [private]

LsLinkStateList rtProtoLS::linkStateList_ [private]

int rtProtoLS::LS_ready_ [private]

int rtProtoLS::nodeId_ [private]

PeerAddrMap rtProtoLS::peerAddrMap_ [private]

LsNodeIdList rtProtoLS::peerIdList_ [private]

LsRouting rtProtoLS::routing_ [private]

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