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Aram Galstyan
 Research Director 
 Information Sciences Institute 
 Research Associate Professor 
 Department of Computer Science 
 University of Southern California 
  Aram Galstyan is a Research Director for Data Science and Machine Learning at the Information Sciences Institute and a Research Associate Professor in the USC Viterbi School of Engineering's Computer Science Department. His current research focuses on different aspects of machine learning, with applications in computational social sciences, forecasting, and bioinfoamtics. His other research interests include ststiatical phsycis of learning and inference, modeling of complex adaptive systems, and learning and adaptation in multi-agent systems.  
 Research Interests  
  Artificial Intelligence: machine learning, graphical models, semi-supervised learning, statistical mechanics of inference and learning.  
  Complex Networks: Statistical models of co-evolving networks, staitsical mechanics of networks, social network modeling and analysis, dynamical processes in networks.  
  Multi-agent systems: emergent phenomena in MAS, learning and adaptation in MAS, swarm robtics.  
 Recent News  
  April 2016  
  Our paper The Information Sieve has been accepted to ICML'16.  
  December 2015  
  My presentatioin at the Network Inference Workshop at Santa Fe Institute is availble here .  
  Our paper Latent Space Model for Multoimodal Social Data was accepted to WWW'16.  
  November 2015  
  Our paper Extracting Biomolecular Interactions Using Semantic Parsing of Biomedical Text was accepted to AAAI'16.  
  May 2015  
  Our paper "Estimating Mutual Information by Local Gaussian Approximation" has been accepted to UAI'15.  
  March 2015  
  Our team was the only one to achieve perfect accuracy in DARPA's Twitter Influence Bot Detection challange; see a Viterbi News coverage of our work here .