By Kayak and Canoe

Anacapa Island, Channel Islands - August 1999

Except for the ranger station and the lighthouse, there is nothing on the island taller than these strange plants.

Yes, we had to lower our kayaks into the water every day, and take them out as well.

Intrepidly paddling through the arch!

A break near Frenchy's beach, so named after a hermit living there.

Into one of numerous caves that dot the coastline.


Green River, Canyonlands National Park, Utah - September 1998

We knew to expect something uncommon, because our friends raved so much about the amazing canoeing on the Green River in Utah. Still, nothing prepared us for this spectacular and serene experience. Our trip was 120mi and 11 days long. As we paddled, we watched in
 awe as vertical multi-colored canyon walls rose around us. Every few miles brought a new layer, a few million years older than the previous one. It
 was like going back in time. My favorite time to paddle (well, actually drift - we exerted no effort at all, letting the current carry us) was early
 morning, when the river was still, the air punctuated by cries of the hawk circling in the radiant blue sky. The panorama was a jewel box of primary
 colors - blue for the sky, red for the canyon walls, green for the river and the vegetation along it. Or maybe my favorite memory from the trip was going
 hunting for Anasazi ruins and petroglyphs, or maybe it was being chased by the storm downriver, hearing thunder boom behind us, but not even
 getting wet, or maybe it was climbing up the mouth of the canyon to enter the Maze (named so because it is A-MAZING), the land of phantasmagoric
 rock formation of all the colors of the outer half of rainbows. Or maybe the peacefulness of the trip was the best part - for 11 days it was just the
 two of us, plus one or two other canoes or rafts that would pass us on the way.

From the top of Gooseneck.

Dawn in the canyon. Our tent is the blue speck near the center of the picture.

Rock containing petroglyphs on three sides with Turk's Head in the background.

Newspaper rock outside of Needles, Canyonlands National Park.