Accepted Papers

Amer-Yahia,Sihem, Andrei Z. Broder and Alban GallandReviewing the Reviewers: Characterizing Biases and Competencies using Socially Meaningful Attributes
Anthony,Adam and Marie desJardinsGenerative Models for Clustering: The Next Generation
Chi. Ed and Peter PirolliAugmented Social Cognition
Crane, Riley and D. SornetteViral, Quality, and Junk Videos on YouTube: Separating Content From Noise in an Information-Rich Environment
Galstyan, Aram and Paul CohenInfluence Propagation in Modular Networks
Hogg, Tad and Bernardo HubermanSolving the organizational free riding problem with social networks
Hogg, Tad, Dennis M. Wilkinson, Gabor Szabo and Michael J. BrzozowskiMultiple Relationship Types in Online Communities and Social Networks
Huang,Yi-Ching, Chia-Chuan Hung and Jane Yung-jen HsuYou Are What You Tag
Kim, Hak-Lae, John G. Breslin, Sung-Kwon Yang, Hong-Gee Building a Tag Sharing Service with the SCOT Ontology
Koutsourelakis,Phaedon-Stelios and Tina Eliassi-RadFinding Mixed-Memberships in Social Networks
Kulyukin, Vladimir, John Nicholson, David Ross, James Marston, Florence GaunetThe Blind Leading the Blind: Toward Collaborative Online Route Information Management by Individuals with Visual Impairments
Nauerz,Andreas and Georg GrohImplicit Social Network Construction and Expert User Determination in Web Portals
Nobarany,Syavash, Mona Haraty, Dan CosleyGePuTTIS: General Purpose Transitive Trust Inference System for Social Networks
Pirolli,Peter A Probabilistic Model of Semantics in Social Information Foraging
Plangprasopchok, Anon and Kristina LermanOn constructing shallow taxonomies from social annotations
Santos-Neto, Elizeu and Matei Ripeanu, Adriana IamnitchiContent Reuse and Interest Sharing in Tagging Communities
Shalizi,Cosma Social Media as Windows on the Social Life of the Mind
Smith,Matt and Nathan Purser and Christophe Giraud-CarrierSocial Capital in the Blogosphere: A Case Study
Steels, Luc and Eugenio TiselliSocial tagging in community memories
Stoyanovich, Julia, Sihem Amer Yahia, Cameron Marlow, Cong YuA Study of the Bene t of Leveraging Tagging Behavior to Model Users' Interests in
Whittaker,Steve and Vaiva KalnikaiteTemporal Tagging: Implicit Behavior Identifies Points of Interest in Complex Event Recordings
Zhang, Yu, uajun Chen, Hao Sheng, Jun MaMining Target Marketing Groups From Users’Web of Trust on Epinions