CONRO: Self-Reconfigurable Robots

Introduction Movie (6/18/04) (6MB, 21MB)


The CONRO Project has a goal of providing the Warfighter with a miniature reconfigurable robot that can be tasked to perform reconnaissance and search and identification tasks in urban, seashore and other field environments. CONRO will be miniature and is to be made from identical modules that can be programmed to alter its topology in order to respond to environmental challenges such as obstacles.

The base topology is simply connected, as in a snake, but the system can reconfigure itself in order to grow a set of legs or other specialized appendages. Each module will consist of a CPU, some memory, a battery, and a micro-motor plus a variety of other sensors and functionality, including vision and wireless connection and docking sensors. Major challenges include packaging, power and cooling as well as the major issue of programming and program control.

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