37. Agent/SRM

This chapter describes the internals of the SRM implementation in ns. The chapter is in three parts: the first part is an overview of a minimal SRM configuration, and a ``complete'' description of the configuration parameters of the base SRM agent. The second part describes the architecture, internals, and the code path of the base SRM agent. The last part of the chapter is a description of the extensions for other types of SRM agents that have been attempted to date.

The procedures and functions described in this chapter can be found in ~ns/tcl/mcast/srm.tcl, ~ns/tcl/mcast/srm-adaptive.tcl, ~ns/tcl/mcast/srm-nam.tcl, ~ns/tcl/mcast/srm-debug.tcl, and ~ns/srm.{cc, h}.


Tom Henderson 2011-11-05