Amir Kalev's Quantum Page

Amir Kalev, Hartree Postdoctoral Fellow, Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science (QuICS). 

QuICS is a joint center between UMIACS and NIST.

I am a Lead Quantum Scientist at ISI and an Adjunct Research Professor at the Physics and Astronomy Department at USC.

I am interested in research topics in the intersection of quantum science, information theory, computing and technology. My goal is to develop quantum-based tools, techniques and algorithms that would benefit our society in the near and far future.


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I am always looking for bright and highly-motivated students and postdocs to join our research efforts. If you are passionate to work on exciting projects in quantum science and would like to learn more about research opportunities in our group, please contact me via email (amirk at isi dot edu)


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