Lunch Guide

For all new hires (and existing staff) a small guide of restaurants mostly in walking distance, or short drive from ISI.

If your favorite place hasn't made it here, please send feedback to voeckler at isi dot edu with the info for all columns. No real promise that I may include it - after all, I'll have to try it first.

In Walking Distance

Restaurant Cuisine Price My Rating Location
McDonald's fast food $ don't complain to me across the road
Panera Bread Sandwich, Salad $ OK 4730 Lincoln Boulevard
Panda Express Pseudo-Chinese $ OK 4325 Glencoe Ave #C4
Subway Sandwich $ cheap 4706 Lincoln Blvd
Quiznos Sandwich $ toasted! 4317 Glencoe Avenue
Panini Coffee & Cafe Soup, SW, Salad, Burger $$ OK 4325 Glencoe Avenue
Wharo? Fish-Taco $-$$ OK 4714 Lincoln Boulevard
Irori Japanese $$ better 4371 Glencoe Avenue
Sugar Fish Sushi $$$$$ (too expensive) 4722 Admiralty Way
Ralph's Sushi, Soup, Salad, Deli $-$$ cheapest sushi, slow deli 4700 Admiralty Way
Pavillion's Sushi, Deli $-$$ 4365 Glencoe Avenue
Gelson's Deli counter $$ OK 13455 Maxella Avenue
Jerry's Famous Deli Deli $$ dislike, but open late 13181 Mindanao Way
Rainbow Acres Soup, SW, Salad $$-$$$ organic 4756 Admiralty Way
Chipotle Mexican $ once-a-week must-have fix 4718 Admiralty Way
Mendocino Farms Sandwich, Salad $$-$$$ Upscale tasty sandwiches 4724 Admiralty Way
Fresh Brother's Pizza $$ lots of cheese 4722 1/2 Admiralty Way
Baja Fresh Mexican $ OK 13424 Maxella Avenue
Rubios Mexican $ OK 4250 Lincoln Boulevard
El Torito Mexican $$-$$$ good; long walk 13715 Fiji Way
Singapore Express SE Asian $ good 4236 Lincoln Boulevard
Antica Pizzeria Italian $$ OK 13455 Maxella Avenue
Pizzarito Pizza $ OK; cash-only 4371 Glencoe Avenue
California Pizza Kitchen Salad, Pizza $$-$$$ calories galore 13345 Fiji Way
The Counter Burger $$-$$$ occasional treat 4786 Admiralty Way
Fat Burger Burger $$ OK 4325 Glencoe Avenue
Shershah Indian $$ OK, lunch buffet 13444 Maxella Avenue
Shanghai Red not-Asian Fusion $$$-$$$$ OK; long walk 13813 Fiji Way
Cafe Del Rey Upscale Fusion $$$$ excellent 4451 Admiralty Way
Cousin Cheryl's Bakery $$ mixed, closest, cash < $10 4662 Admiralty Way
Souplantation Soup, Salad buffet $ ask for USC or AAA discount 13455 Maxella Avenue
Brennan's Irish Pub $ not sure about lunch 4089 Lincoln Boulevard
Benny's Bar-BQ BBQ $-$$ once a year 4077 Lincoln Boulevard
IHOP Pancakes $-$$ (untested) 4070 Lincoln Boulevard
Nichol's Restaurant American $-$$ (untested) 4375 Glencoe Ave
Wharo Korean $$-$$$ OK meat-fest 4029 Lincoln Blvd

Short Drive from ISI

Restaurant Cuisine Price My Rating Location
Tamara's Tamales Tamales $$ best far and wide 13352 West Washington Boulevard
Akbar Indian $$ very good 3115 Washington Blvd
Gaby's Mediterrean Lebanese, Greek $ good 20 Washington Blvd
Gaby's Spin (Express) Lebanese, Greek $ good 3216 Washington Boulevard
Mitsuwa's Food Court Japanese $$ best Ramen in L.A.; cash-only 3760 South Centinela Avenue
Sakura Japanese $$ very good 4545 South Centinela Avenue
Cheesecake Factory you know $$$ calories galore 4142 Via Marina
The Organic Panificio organic stuff ? heard horrible reviews 4211 Admiralty Way
The Shack Frittenbude $ when lunch-break surfing 185 Culver Boulevard, Playa Del Rey
Outlaws Burger $$ OK 230 Culver Boulevard, Playa Del Rey
Thai Talay Thai $$ 8411 Lincoln Boulevard, Playa Del Rey
Siam Thai Thai $$ OK 7241 West Manchester Avenue, Playa Del Rey
Taj India Indian ? 8320 Lincoln Boulevard, Playa Del Rey
Celadon Thai Kitchen Thai $$ (looks nice, untested) 13364 W. Washington Blvd, Culver City
Islands Restaurant Burger $$ OK 404 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey
Piknic Cafe ?? $$-$$$ recommended by Tatiana 13020 Pacific Promenade, Los Angeles, (Playa Vista)
Siamese Garden Thai $$-$$$ no lunch! 301 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey
Baja Cantina Mexican $$-$$$ good 311 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey
Agra Indian Kitchen Indian $$ dislike 2553 Lincoln Blvd, Venice
Hurry Curry Indian? $-$$ OK in a pinch 12825 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles (Venice)

Not So Short Drive from ISI

Restaurant Cuisine Price My Rating Location
Chalet Edelweiß Swiss German $$ good 8740 South Sepulveda Boulevard, Westchester
Paco's Tacos Cantina Mexican $$ OK 6212 West Manchester Avenue, Westchester
Annapurna South Indian Vegetarian $$ lunch buffet 10200 Venice Boulevard, Culver City
Natalee Thai Thai and Sushi $$ pretty good, loud 10101 Venice Blvd, Culver City
Swanya's Thai $ OK 4322 South Sepulveda Boulevard, Culver City
Green Peas Organic Sandwhich, Salad $$ good 4437 South Sepulveda Boulevard, Culver City
Tito's Tacos Tacos ? lunch queues around the block 11222 Washington Place, Culver City
Samosa House Indian Vegetarian $ good 11510 West Washington Boulevard, Culver City
Tender Greens organic stuff $$-$$$ tasty good 9523 Culver Boulevard, Culver City
Rush Street Fusion $$$ very good, reservations 9546 Washington Boulevard, Culver City
Ugo Italian Cafe $$$ very good; gelato 3865 Cardiff Avenue, Culver City
Ford's Filling Station American $$-$$$ 9531 Culver Boulevard, Culver City
Akasha Indian Fusion $$-$$$ pretty good 9543 Culver Boulevard, Culver City
M Cafe (Chaya) Asian Fusion $$ very good 9343 Culver Boulevard, Culver City
Border Grill Mexican Fusion $$-$$$ tasty 1445 4th Street, Santa Monica
Chaya Venice Asian Fusion $$$ very good 110 Navy Street, Venice
Joe's Restaurant Fusion Squared $$$$ very good, unusual 1023 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice
Lilly's French $$$$ very good 1031 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice
Abbot's Pizza Company Pizza $ Marcus's favorite 1407 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice
Sauce on Hampton Rustic Fresh Organic $$ tasty 259 Hampton Drive, Venice
French Market Place French Cafe $-$$ good (weekend breakfast) 2321 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice
3 Square Cafe German Fusion $$ very good 1121 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice
Lemonade(la)   ? untested 1661 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice
Urth Caffe Organic Meals $$$ tasty 2327 Main Street, (South) Santa Monica
downtown Culver City
Venice and Abbot Kinney


Restaurant Cuisine Price My Rating Location
Waterfront Cafe Swiss, Beer $-$$ ISI's hang-out 205 Ocean Front Walk (end of Rose), Venice
Father's Office Upscale Pub Food $$$ 30+ beers on tap, no lunch 1018 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica
Father's Office 2.0 Upscale Pub Food $$$ 30+ beers on tap, no lunch 3229 Helms Avenue, Culver City
Fig Tree Cafe   $$$ Sangria 429 Ocean Front Walk, Venice
Hotel Erwin this and that $$$ roof-top bar rocks 1697 Pacific Avenue, Venice

Personal Stash

Stuff to remember, but far, far away. Don't hope to go there. At least, not for lunch. But something to aspire to.

Restaurant Cuisine Price My Rating Location
Mastro's Steak $$$$$$ Best. Steak. Ever. (But loud.) 246 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Kenichi's Sushi $$$$ Best. Sushi. Ever. 78-6831 Alii Dr, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
533 E Hopkins Ave #2, Aspen, CO 81611
419 Colorado St, Austin, TX 78701

Last updated: 2010-11-29