Thomas A. Russ

USC/ISI 1991-2011

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Thomas Russ received his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1991. Dr. Russ was affiliated with the Clinical Decision Making Group while at M.I.T. His dissertation was Reasoning with Time Dependent Data. From 1991-2011 he held the position of Senior Research Scientist at USC's Information Sciences Institute, where he worked on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning.

Research Interests at ISI

Dr. Russ' primary research interest is the construction of tools for Artificial Intelligence programming. He is interested in the problems of reasoning with time varying information and general problems involved with reasoning using ontologies and other knowledge representation systems.

He has applied semantic web technologies and knowledge representation and reasoning in the areas of Biomedical Knowledge Management with the BioScholar project and the Crux project with the Virutal Humans project at USC's Institute for Creative Technologies.

He designed and implemented a temporal extension to the Loom® knowledge representation language that allows the system to reason effectively with temporal assertions. Dr. Russ is one of the contributors to the PowerLoom® knowledge representation and reasoning system. He has designed and implemented the Ontosaurus browser for Loom and PowerLoom knowledge bases.

Dr. Russ has worked on applying Loom to problems in visual processing, extending the capabilities of PowerLoom and applying PowerLoom to problems in knowledge management for scientific data with the Southern California Earthquake Center and various projects for national security and in the are of information integration.


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