Application Specific Intelligent Computing Laboratory (ASIC)


Computing platforms for decades have been designed around a basic Boolean switch - 'The Transistor.' Over the years, the vision for computing has changed drastically from room-sized computers to handheld devices. However, the underlying hardware principles based on digital switches and synchronous logic has fundamentally remained unaltered. No wonder today's computing platforms fail to provide the desired power, performance, and area scaling required for the emerging class of applications, including artificial intelligence, edge computing, Internet-of-Things, etc. As such, the vision for enabling 'Ubiquitous Computing' needs re-thinking the entire computing stack, including Materials, Devices, Circuits, Architecture, and Software for enabling targeted end-applications.

At the Application-Specific Intelligent Computing (ASIC) Lab, we apply "alternate state variables" such as electrons, photons, phonons, and magnetic spins to deliver next-generation hardware fabrics for (1) Artificial Intelligence, (2) Smart Sensors, (3) Smart and Secure Manufacturing, (4) Quantum Information, (5) Novel Device Integration.