Peter Will

Division Director

Distributed Scalable Systems Division
University of Southern California
Information Sciences Institute
4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 1001
Marina del Rey, CA 90292-6695
(310) 822-1511

Peter M. Will is a Fellow at USC/Information Sciences Institute and is a Research Professor in Industrial and Systems Engineering, Materials Sciences Departments and the Astronautics and Space Technology Division. He is also the Director of USC's Micro-satellite Systems Center.

He received a B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Non-linear Control Systems in the Faculty of Science at the University of Aberdeen. At ISI, Will conducts research on design, manufacturing, and distributed collaborative enterprises; including the design of low-power CMOS systems, advanced microprocessor architectures, microelectromechanical processes and devices, reconfigurable robots, electronic purchasing, collaboration and negotiation technology, and the MEMs Information Clearinghouse. He also co-founded USC's Institute for Molecular Robotics.

Prior to joining ISI in 1992, Will spent 15 years at IBM's Yorktown Research Lab, 7 years with Schlumberger, and 5 years at HP Labs. At IBM, he was a researcher and manager, working in robotics, 3-D robot vision, tactile and force sensing, chip and wafer inspection, LANDSAT image rectification, and processing and compression of image and audio. He started and led activity on robotics, 3-D solid geometric modeling, high level robot task languages, and path planning. His work resulted in the IBM RS/1 robot in 1982. At Schlumberger he directed work on the Design/Manufacturing Interface for the delivery of instrumentation for down-hole oil well evaluation at the Well Products Division, AI for oil exploration at Schlumberger-Doll Research, and VLSI Systems at Schlumberger-Fairchild Research. At HP Labs, he initially directed the Manufacturing Research Center on scheduling, design for manufacturability and microassembly of microwave MCM's. He was then given additional responsibility for the Measurement and Manufacturing Center, directing work on III-V semiconductors, photonics and high speed circuits, analytical chemistry, superconductivity, and medical instrumentation, and in this position was responsible for starting HP's research activity on micromechanics for handling, identifying and measuring small quantities of liquids and macromolecules.

Will has over 100 publications and 12 patents. He has been very active on government committees, most notably as chair of three NSF advisory committees and as Chair of the National Academy Study on Information Technology in Manufacturing. For six years he was a member of the ISAT group working with DARPA. He is a member of NASA's Mars Technology Review Board and a member of the National Research Council's Board of Assessment of NIST.

In 1990, he was awarded the Joseph Engelberger Prize in robotics.