A sampling of current and former R&D projects and federal agency sponsors:

  • DARPA Expose – 3D chip inspection techniques using high resolution x-ray tomography; first project of its kind
  • DARPA TAG – integrated circuit (IC) trust exploration; black hat team develops benchmark hardware Trojans and analyzes white hat capabilities
  • AFRL SPAoA –  AFRL consultant on development of a level 5 secure processor
  • DARPA TERCI –  Novel, efficient methods to identify IC reliability tampering
  • DARPA ITAG – IC integrity and reliability vulnerability analysis and benchmarking under DARPA IRIS program;  Techniques for FPGA counterfeit detection and functional discovery of hidden IP
  • IARPA TIC –  Split manufacturing strategy to create secure ICs at foreign SOA fabs
  • IARPA SAFIRE – Novel anti-tampering methods focused on FPGA devices
  • AFRL NWL – Electromagnetic emissions assessment from commercial devices
  • DARPA HAVoC – Adversarial challenge team for FPGA firmware security vetting
  • NASA SpaceCubeX, A-OPSS, FTS-3, and RHINO – Four generations of radiation hardening by software techniques; projects investigate FPGAs, including hard IP and on-board solutions
  • DTRA RadMAC – Low-overhead error detection and correction via residue coding theory