Coordinating Center, Faceted Data Browser

Domain: craniofacial research. We manage their coordinating center, providing a new data model, data browser (via Chaise/Ermrest) and coordinating data publishing and sharing between 10 project spokes to accelerate craniofacial research.

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(Re)Building A Kidney

Coordinating Center, Annotations Viewer

Domain: kidney. We are building their collaboration and data publishing infrastructure including a new Annotations viewer that allows users to zoom into high quality images of kidney cells and create, edit and share annotations.

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Data Explorer

Domain: gpcr receptors. We have developed the GPCR Data Explorer to contain data generated during the process of GPCR structure determination. These data will represent the entire process of GPCR structural biology including all associated constructs and related experimental data.


Data Explorer (in development)

Domain: zebrafish. The Synapse project does longitudinal studies of live zebrafish. They need help with organizing the data collection and analysis in a way that can integrate with their hands-on lab workflows.

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Globus Toolkit

Software development

The Globus® Toolkit is an open source software toolkit used for building grids. ISRD helped develop Grid computing infrastructure to connect disparate computing resources and allow the sharing of data despite size or security issues. This technology is now used in universities, laboratories, and computing facilities around the world.

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