Computational Systems and Technology

About ISI Computational Systems and Technology

Computational Systems and Technology (CS&T) researchers investigate a wide range of hardware and software technologies. Among the objects of our curiosity: applied research into automating tedious human processes, creating new uses for mobile computing, devising new capabilities for cloud infrastructure, and expanding the power of familiar systems and tools. We also seek to understand the capabilities and limits of new technologies such as quantum computing.

Main research groups are:

  • Adaptive parallel execution, including high-performance, heterogeneous cloud computing, multicore software, reconfigurable computing and wireless networks;
  • Computational Sciences, including compilers and big data; decision systems; microarchitecture and integrated circuits; science automation technologies; and social networks research.
  • The USC Lockheed Martin Quantum Computation Center (QCC), a groundbreaking joint effort to explore the power of adiabatic quantum computing.
  • The Secure and Robust Electronics Center (SURE), which seeks to upgrade cybersecurity by ensuring that chips are trustworthy, secure, resilient and reliable.

Current initiatives range from the well-regarded Pegasus project for automating scientific research workflows to creating tools for maximizing adaptive computing system capabilities. CS&T is deeply involved in the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s smart grid project, now being tested in multiple regions citywide, among many other efforts.

We also provide intellectual leadership within the broader research community through projects such as the multi-institutional, supercomputing-focused Institute for Sustained Performance, Energy and Resilience (SUPER).

CS&T research is supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research, Department of Defense, and Department of State, among others.

Our 50 computing technologies researchers, research programmers and graduate students represent a wide range of disciplines, including electrical engineering, computer science, physics, math, and psychology. ISI Computational Sciences and Technology researchers are based in Arlington, Virginia, near major federal research agencies and the Department of Defense, and in Marina del Rey, California.

Computational Systems and Technology is led by Stephen Crago.