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Emilio Ferrara Sweeps Election Coverage

Our leading candidate for US presidential election coverage, Emilio Ferrara, may have generated one of the week’s most talked-about topics other than the election itself:  the role of Twitter bots.  His work on possible 2016 election consequences of fake bots has generated more than 40 news stories in international media including the cover of MIT Technology Review. 

A sampling of links: 

How the Bot-y Politic Influenced This Election – MIT Technology Review
How Twitter bots played a role in electing Donald Trump – WIRED
On Twitter, No One Knows You Are a Trump Bot – Fast Company
A fifth of all US election tweets have come from bots – ABC News
How hackers, social bots, data analysts shaped the U.S. election – The Nation
How Twitter bots helped Donald Trump win the US presidential election – Arstechnica
Election 2016 Belongs to the Twitter Bots – VICE
BOTS ‘SWAY’ ELECTION Fake tweets by social media robots could swing US Presidential election – The Sun (UK)
Software ‘bots’ seen skewing support for Trump on Twitter – The Japan Times
US Presidential Elections 2016: Bot-generated fake tweets influencing US election outcome, says new study – Indian Express
Elezioni Usa: il 19% dei tweet elettorali è prodotto da software – (in Italian)
Spotlight: Fake tweets endanger integrity of U.S. presidential election – XinhuanNet
Robots behind the millions of tweets: “The integrity at danger” – Svenska Dagbladet (in Swedish)
Twitter bots distort Trump support iAfrica
Are Robot generated Tweets compromising US Polls? – TechRadar India

Congratulations yet again, Emilio!