Flooder tool

Flooder tool uses libnet to craft raw packets with given values in IP and transport header fields. Flooder can be used to generate DDoS attacks within Deterlab.
usage: flooder [options]

    --dst          the base target IP address              (NO DEFAULT)
    --dstmask       the mask to apply for randomizing dst   (default:
    --src          the base source IP address              (default: address of intf used)
    --srcmask       the mask to apply for randomizing src   (default:
    --interface    IP of interface to initialize libnet with (default: libnet's default)
    --proto        the IP protocol to use                  (default: 17)
    --lengthmin    min size of payload                     (default: 0)
    --lengthmax    max size of payload                     (default: 0)

    --sportmin    min/max source port       (default: 0)
    --sportmax    min/max source port       (default: 65535)
    --dportmin    min/max destination port  (default: 0)
    --dportmax    min/max destination port  (default: 65535)
    --tcpflags    the TCP flags to use      (default: SYN)

    --typemin     min ICMP type             (default: 8)
    --typemax     max ICMP type             (default: 8)
    --codemin     min ICMP code             (default: 0)
    --codemax     max ICMP code             (default: 0)

 Rate Information:
    --ratetype type (default: flatrate)
      flatrate     use a flat rate attack of highrate      (default)
             uses (highrate)
      rampup       use a ramping up attack                 
             uses (lowrate, risetime, riseshape, highrate)
      rampdown     use a ramping down attack               
             uses (highrate, falltime, fallshape, lowrate)
      pulse        use a pulsing attack                    
             uses (lowrate, lowtime, highrate, hightime)
      ramppulse    use a ramped pulsing attack             
             uses (lowrate, lowtime, risetime, riseshape,
                   highrate, hightime, falltime, fallshape)

    --lowrate      rate (packets/sec)                      (default: 1)
    --highrate     rate (packets/sec)                      (default: 1)
    --lowtime      time spent at low rate (msec)           (default: 0)
    --hightime     time spent at high rate (msec)          (default: 0)
    --risetime     time to rise from low to high (msec)    (default: 0)
    --falltime     time to fall from high to low (msec)    (default: 0)
    --riseshape    shape of rise curve (1.0 = linear)      (default: 1.0)
    --fallshape    shape of fall curve (1.0 = linear)      (default: 1.0)


Send 100 UDP packets per second to dst

flooder --dst --highrate 100

Send 100 TCP SYN packets per second to dst port 80 spoofing addresses

flooder --dst --highrate 100 --proto 6 --dportmin 80 --dportmax 80 --src --srcmask

Send pulses of 100 TCP SYN packets per second to dst port 80 spoofing addresses. Pulses last for 1 second, then pause for 1 second

flooder --dst --proto 6 --dportmin 80 --dportmax 80 --src --srcmask  --highrate 100 --lowrate 0 --hightime 1000 --lowtime 11000 --ratetype pulse