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Over the past several decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has matured to be an essential tool in business and science. No longer restricted to toy problems, much AI research is now inspired by its use in a myriad of domains.

As part of the new University of Southern California Silicon Beach Campus, the center on Artificial Intelligence Research for Health aims to nurture collaborations between researchers in AI and those in the health sciences.

It will catalyze research in numerous areas such as:

Data Management

Workflow for collecting, annotating, and curating of distributed research & clinical data.

Precision Health

Identification of genomic or other factors that can improve the health of a subset of the population.

ML for health

Machine learning technology that can support clinicians by suggesting diagnoses or recommending interventions.


AI systems can assist remote healthcare by analyzing text in chat, voice, or remotely analyze images.

Knowledge Discovery and Data Analytics

A broad area ranging analyzing electronic health records, medical images, or data from wearable sensors to discover new relations. Furthermore, analysis of social media can detect the prevalence of views on health interventions or misinformation. Electronic journal publications may be analyzed to create databases of health care information. Research topics also include combining information from multiple sources without sharing data among the source.

The AI4Health center's goal is to help significantly increase NIH and other funding at USC, provide research opportunities for the next generation of researchers, prepare USC for new NIH mandates on data archiving and most importantly discovering new knowledge that will improve health outcomes.