Title Agency PIs Start End
NCS-FO: Enhancing Episodic Memory through Real-world Integration of Brain Recording and Stimulation with Semantic Alignment of Human and IoT Perception NSF: Neural Cognitive Systems (NCS) Inman, C.& Garcia, L. 2021 2024
Analyzing Digital Menu Data to Characterize Nutritional Quality of Food Environments in Latino Neighborhoods within the City of Los Angeles NIH via the Southern California Center for Chronic Health Disparities in Latino Children and Families Horn, A. & Burghardt, K. 2022 2023
Explainable Machine Learning for Analysis of COVID-19 Chest CT NSF Pazzani, M & Hsiao, A 2020 2022
Center for Genomic Studies on Mental Disorders NIMH (via Rutgers University) Arens, Y. 2008 2025
Limited Competition: Continuation of the center for Genomic Studies on Mental Disorders (U24) NIH Arens, Y. - -
Page III: Population Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology NIH Ambite, J. L. & Matise, T. 2008 2023
University of Maryland NIH Data Commons Facilitation Center NIH Kesselman, C. - -
High resolution mapping of the genetic risk for disease in the aging brain NIH Jahanshad, N. & Gil Y. 2018 2023
USC FaceBase III Craniofacial Development and Dysmorpholoy Data Management and Integration Hub NIH Kesselman, C. - -
USC GUDMAP Coordinating Center NIH Kesselman, C. - -
The USC (Re)Building the Kidney Coordinating Center NIH Kesselman, C. - -
Circuits Underlying Threat And Safety NIH Kesselman, C. - -
A COVID-19 Knowledge Graph Infrastructure for Assistive Expertise Microsoft Kejriwal, M. 2020 2021
Constructing a Healthcare Knowledge Graph Kaiser Permanente Kejriwal, M. 2022 -
Towards Reflection Competencies for AI Scientists: Developing a Conceptual Framework and Open Research Platform ONR Gil, Y. 2021 2023
Secure Heterogeneous Learning Federation with Information-Theoretic Guarantees DARPA Ambite, J.L. 2021 2022
Novartis-Harmonize: Scaling Up Data FAIR-icaton Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Ambite, J.L. 2020 2021
CRCNS Data Sharing Proposal: Collaborative Research: NeuroBridge: Connecting Big Data for Reproducibility Research in Clinical Neuroscience NIDA NIH Wang, L., Ambite, J.L., Rajasekar, A., & Turner, J. 2020 2024
Pediatric Research using Integrated Sensor Monitoring Systems (PRISMS): Data and Software Coordination and Integration Center (DSCIC) NIBIB NIH Ambite, J.L., Gilliland, F., & Eckel, S. 2015 2020
Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Training Coordinating Center NIEHS NIH Van Horn, J. 2015 2019
L2K2R2: Learn to Read to Know, Know to Learn to Read DARPA Marcu, D. 2014 2019
SchizConnect: Large-Scale Schizophrenia Neuroimaging Data Mediation and Federation NIMH Wang, L., Ambite, J.L., Potkin, S.G., & Turner, J. 2013 2017
PhenoExplorer (aka Information Explorer: a suite of tools for cross-study genetic loci discover) NHLBI Arens, Y. 2011 2015
BioInformatics Research Network Coordinating Center National Center for Research Resources Kesselman, C. 2009 2015
Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute NCATS Buchanan, T. 2022 2026