Michael Pazzani

Explainable AI, Medical Image Classification, Machine Learning

Abigail Horn

Food Supply, Nutrition, Disease Modeling, Network Science, Computational Social Science

Greg Ver Steeg

Neuroimaging, gene expression analysis, latent factor discovery

Kristina Lerman

Behavioral Health, Public Health Messaging, Misinformation, Mental Health, Wearable Sensors, Health Informatics

Luis Garcia

Neurosymbolic Cyber-physical Systems, Episodic Memory

Shri Narayanan

Bio-behvioral Signal and Image Processing, Machine Learning, Affective Computing, Speech and Language Processing, Behavioral and Mental Health, and Neurological and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Srivatsan Ravi

Secure Federated learning, Privacy-preserving Computation

Ralph Weischedel

Human Language Technology, Natural Language Processing, Question Answering

Yixue Zhao

Mobile-App Analysis, Digital Wellbeing, Meditation

Daniel Bohen

Adham Abdalmageed

Victoria Bogomilova

Sreenidhi Iyengar Munimadugu

Hong Nguyen

Alex DongHyeon Seo

Rushi Shah

Devanshi Verma