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Terry Benzel

Research Scientist, Associate Director of ISI, Director of the Networking and Cybersecurity Division


M.B.A, University of California Los Angeles
M.S. Mathematics, Boston University


As director of ISI’s Networking and Cybersecurity division, Terry Benzel leads several major cybersecurity research initiatives, including cyber-education, cyber-experimentation ecosystems and tools, and strategic global partnering for cybersecurity experimentation of the future (CEF).

Benzel is also the technical project lead for ISI’s award-winning cyber DETER (DEfense Technology Experimental Research) testbed project. Through ongoing team and user research exercises in experimentation, test and knowledge sharing, DETER is creating next-generation security technologies to fortify networked systems, including critical cyber-physical infrastructure.

Benzel focuses on key research development efforts in DETER: expanding experimentation ecosystems, enhancing cyber testbed toolkits, improving the overall user experience and transferring DETER Technologies into practical application.

Prior to joining ISI, Benzel served as a division vice president at Network Associates, Inc. (McAfee). She led the advanced research organization, comprising 125 individuals, primarily focused on R&D projects for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and other federal entities.

Benzel has twice testified before the US House of Representatives Committee on Science about the importance of investing in cybersecurity research and its infrastructure. She serves as an advisor to government and industry on R&D strategy and roadmap development. Benzel holds a joint appointment at USC’s Marshall School of Business where she is a researcher at the Institute for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection.