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Recent Publications

Adversarial defense for deep speaker recognition using hybrid adversarial training

M. Pal, A. Jati, R. Peri, C. Hsu, W. AbdAlmageed, S. Narayanan

2021Journal Article

Adversarial attack and defense strategies for deep speaker recognition systems

A. Jati, C. Hsu, M. Pal, R. Peri, W. AbdAlmageed, S. Narayanan

2021Journal Article

Multi-Modal Fingerprint Presentation Attack Detection: Evaluation On A New Dataset

L. Spinoulas, H. Mirzaalian, M. Hussein, W. AbdAlmageed

2021Journal Article

Multispectral Biometrics System Framework: Application to Presentation Attack Detection

2021Journal Article

Assessment of Combined Brain-Face Morphology in Youth with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia due to 21-Hydroxylase Deficiency

H. Mirzaalian, M. Hertingand, J P. Lewinger, S. Ahmed, N R. Fraga, L. Randolph, M E. Geffner, S. Kohli, W. Abdalmageed, M S. Kim

2021Journal Article